Jim Parsons' inexpensive Chapter One manuscript critique will set your work on the right track and bring you giant steps closer to publication.


What is a technical critique?

I call this service a technical critique because it evaluates your skills in the craft of writing: it is NOT a literary critique, and does not pass judgement on the quality of your creative writing.  Nor does it attempt to assess whether your manuscript will become a best-seller - or even be accepted by a publisher.  I leave that to the fortune-tellers!  



Your technical critique includes all these features: 

1.  Basic proofread:  I check for errors in spacing, capitalization, paragraphing, spelling, punctuation and grammar.  I don't just correct these mistakes.  If the problem is significant or persistent, I explain what's wrong and make it a learning experience for you, so that you can track down similar errors in the remainder of your manuscript.

2.  Full line edit:  Here I look to improve expression, fluidity, clarity, and readability. I target verbosity, redundancy, repetition, cliches, the excessive use of particular words, and the inappropriate use of the vernacular or slang.  Other problems i highlight include changes in narrative tense, writing styles, false agreement of pronoun and antecedent, false agreement of person, number and gender, and the over-use of passive voice.  Again, I will explain the principle involved so that you can improve your own writing style.

3.  Technical analysis:  I will highlight inconsistencies of style, narrative point of view, period setting and facts. I will ensure that you have followed the rule: 'show, don't tell'.  Most novelists are familiar with this time-worn writing precept, but 'telling' is the very devil to eradicate.  It creeps in when you least expect it. How fortunate that it is so easy to spot in someone else's work! 

I will also evaluate the introduction of your characters. Are they empathetic, compelling? Do they have clear motivations that will give rise to tension and conflict in the plot? I will alert you to dialogue problems, including unnecessary tags, incorrect punctuation, and ineffective or stilted dialogue.  If dialogue punctuation proves to be a problem for you, there will be a full explanation included in the marginal comments to assist your future writing. 

4.  Chapter critique:  This is the crux of my service.  I evaluate your Chapter One against a checklist of opening chapter essentials - qualities that hook readers (and publishers) and keep them turning pages.  I will comment on mood, setting, character exposition, tension and intrigue in this context, congratulate you for getting it right, or make suggestions for improvement. The entire critique will be bursting with creative writing tips.

You may hate what I tell you, but you will love what I do.


Amazing value for just $45 AUD

Especially as many editorial evaluations can set you back $500