This man can open your eyes to the flaws in your novel crafting techniques and your writing style.

Let Brisbane-based author, writing mentor and editor Jim Parsons run a critical eye over your first chapter.  He pulls no punches, gives sound advice and can highlight the flaws and problem areas (and the good bits, of course!) in Chapter One. Chapter One is a microcosm of your novel: it will expose the problems and strengths that are present throughout. This is a superb tip for writing a book - get a critique without outlaying thousands.

Is your first chapter a winner?


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Chapter One has got to be good

Getting published. If you haven't impressed that hard-nosed editor by the end of Chapter One, you can look forward to another rejection slip.  Editors will not waste valuable time reading further, if that first chapter hasn't hooked them, or if they're distracted by poor spelling, strange punctuation or woeful expression.

Chapter One has got to be superb.

Getting readers. Imagine that your book is out there, on the shelves of your local book store. Perhaps you have taken the time to learn how to publish a book yourself and have spent a bundle having it self-published.  You want sales - lots of them.  Watch the behaviour of your potential buyers, your potential readers.  The book cover attracts, the title appeals; they pick the book up ... and turn to Chapter One to make that important buying decision.  Most avid book-buyers do so automatically. You have one chapter - perhaps just one page - to make the sale. If it's a lousy chapter, that book goes back on the shelf. So invest in writing help - a mini manuscript critique of your first chapter

Chapter One needs a mini manuscript critique.

Getting help! Don't waste buckets of money on a sketchy manuscript critique of the entire draft from a 'fortune-teller'.  Just have a professional editor and author run a demanding eye over your little vote-catcher.  I teach novel writing with a 20 module writing course and I offer individual mentoring [see my other website], so I know what a great first chapter should look like. Entrust me with this all-important manuscript critique task.  Allow me  to scrutinise your opening chapter and ensure that it does what it's supposed to do - hook the reader.  This is a solid tip on writing a book. Grab the opportunity!


$45 for up to 3000 words

 No tricks - nothing else to buy


Why pay a self-publishing company $ $600-800 for the same advice?



I will  finesse your all-important opening chapter and set your book off on the right path. You will learn so much that you can then apply to the rest of your book. For details of this valuable service, go to Critique Features.